ProFast Topcoat 75-AS

ProFast Topcoat 75-AS is an autocatalytic solvent free topcoating based on polyurea combinations. ProFast Topcoat 75-AS can be used for in- and outdoor applications.

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ProFast Topcoat 75-AS has quick drying properties and is ideal for example, garage floors, walkways, balconies, terraces and stairwells. It also can be used on floors and walls in warehouses, distribution centres and production facilities.


  • Quick drying.
  • Zero shrinkage and zero solvents.
  • Colour-fast and UV proof.
  • Excellent preservation of colour and gloss.
  • Complete water resistant.
  • Very low dirt absorption.
  • For in- and outdoor applications.
  • Can be applied without a primer most of the time.
  • Good chemical resistant.
  • Very durable. Up to 3 times more wear and scratch resistant than traditional coatings.
  • Resistant against plasticizers.




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